05 de novembre 2009

Posters for the group Beat Tandoori

Saddhu doing meditation with massive dreadlokcs, sitar and electronic percussion, yoga posture

Ganesha with sitar and eletronic percussion over lotus flower, done with Photoshop

01 de novembre 2009

Portrait using Photoshop

I made this for an exercise and to practice a bit with Photoshop brushes

01 d’agost 2009

"El Náufrago", finally!

This is another exercise for the school, in this case with acrylic painting. Sammy, a shipwrecked man for a magic card. He looks quite crazy b'cause he's been alone in that island for 50 years!

11 de juliol 2009

Watercolor - Book cover

Z-Brush modelling

Illustrations for the scenography of the act "El despertar de primavera" (at RESAD)

Gouache - Layout fantasy landscape

Watercolor - Children illustration

Corel Painter - Barong & Randa (Balinese mythology)

Colored Pencil

Ink - Comic page

Felt pen