17 de setembre 2011

"Herb faeries - Stellaria"

Illustrations for a children's books project about faeries which didn't work in the end.
The illustrated faerie is Stellaria, the chickweek faerie.

Pencil, watercolor and Photoshop

New cover for Manjaria magazine!

Cover for Manjaria magazine (#September 2011 issue)
By Diario de Mallorca

Graphite, watercolor and Photoshop

"Witty W.I.T." Book cover

Cover for the novel by Indian author Urvi Shah (currently living in the US). It's the story about a sexy bussiness faerie girl, who loves cooking and something else...

Very nice project and even more the client, a pleasure to work with!

Done with Photoshop

Saibaba's portrait

It's been a while I don't post new artwork... Here a portrait about Saibaba, an Indian guru from the 60's. Done for an Indian client living in the US, watercolor.

28 de juny 2011


My paintings get to Australia! Introducing... Rocinantix, the radiactive horse! :-D I was asked to do a free interpretation of a horse for a client from there, and this is it...

03 de juny 2011

Children's book "Anjlee and the magical mouse"

Illustrations for the children's book "Anjlee and the magical mouse" for a client living in the US, but originally from India. The story is about a girl who meets a magical mouse which grants her 3 wishes: to meet her true love, to marry with him, and to have a baby together. I've used some elements from old Indian miniatures style, simplified and adapted to a children's book to give the whole book a playful style... And this is the result :-)

11 de maig 2011


These days I'm very busy with different projects, small but each one different from the other, so it's fun!  
For example, this forest illustration. It was a lot of fun walking through the forest around my village looking for inspiration! :-)

04 de maig 2011

Portraits on wood! Ink and acrylic

This last weeks I've been very busy and haven't been able to do new paintings. But here two portraits I've done for a particular. I hope you like them!

03 de maig 2011

Sketches for some landscape illustrations

Working with a client who's a garden designer, and wants to put some illustrations of his gardens in his website. Here some quick sketches done in watercolor.

Illustration exhibition in Palma!

My first single exhibition for my fantasy illustrations, done at Bar Rita in Palma (Mallorca), April-May 2011

Finalist in the photo contest "Art Jove Cooperart 2011" from the Balearic Islands!

01 d’abril 2011

Cover of the magazine Manjaria of this month!

Manjaria is a magazine given once a month with the newspaper Diario de Mallorca.
Done with ink and Photoshop.

My children's books printed!

It feels so good to have them physically in my hands, not only as a pdf in my computer screen! :-D

Thanks to the "Self-publishing of books" course done at CRCC and to our teacher Dani Cardona! Printed at Impremta Politècnica from Palma (Mallorca)

02 de març 2011


My proposal for the second number of the digital fanzine Pandemia. The subject this time was the "essence", so the inspiration for this illustration came from the idea that we all have the same essence of life running through our veins. We are all made from the same matter, in essence we are the same and we share the same soul than, for example, a flower.

Done with color pencils, 29,7 x 21 cm.

01 de març 2011

"In Uterus"

This painting was quite difficult for me, since it only was the second time in my life I was using gouache! I was more used to watercolor, so the change was a bit like a challenge. At some stages I was getting crazy with the painting, because the colors mix very different than with watercolor, and the result wasn't appearing like I wanted... But in the end I manage to finish it, don't  I know it could be much better but it took me already several days... And I'm quite happy with the final result! :-)

22 de febrer 2011


Done with Photoshop and Illustrator

07 de febrer 2011

New painting!

"In the forest"

Illustration based in a paragraph from "The Adventures of Huckel Berry Fin" by Mark Twain.


29'7 x 42 cm.

26 de gener 2011

(Des)conectados - Book of short stories for adults

Finally done! The illustrations for the book of adult short stories "(Des)conectados", done with my friend and writer Carlos Rojas Olivos (traselvidrio.blogspot.com). Very different from all what I've done till the moment, realistic drawings (which is the most difficult for me) and just in black and white. No butterflies, faeries and colors for once! :-D