11 de maig 2011


These days I'm very busy with different projects, small but each one different from the other, so it's fun!  
For example, this forest illustration. It was a lot of fun walking through the forest around my village looking for inspiration! :-)

04 de maig 2011

Portraits on wood! Ink and acrylic

This last weeks I've been very busy and haven't been able to do new paintings. But here two portraits I've done for a particular. I hope you like them!

03 de maig 2011

Sketches for some landscape illustrations

Working with a client who's a garden designer, and wants to put some illustrations of his gardens in his website. Here some quick sketches done in watercolor.

Illustration exhibition in Palma!

My first single exhibition for my fantasy illustrations, done at Bar Rita in Palma (Mallorca), April-May 2011

Finalist in the photo contest "Art Jove Cooperart 2011" from the Balearic Islands!