16 de desembre 2010

El BangBig ja està aquí!

Ha estat un cap de setmana genial! TorpeDeArte Kollektiv, L'hora Bruixa, 16hz kollektiv, Atelier Torre del amor, antigua disseny, Agnes Somogyi, Daniela Urgoiti, Tonia Fuster, Tamaki Yang, Graffiti Asco & Disoh, Beatriz Polo, No t cortes, Joana Forteza, Cruz Ugarte, Coco March, Lelibelle, Dulce Reynés, Funcionando, Elena Calvache, Moonandlion, Ayma, Irene Clavijo, Nos, Margalida Mayol, 2nd chance, Elisabeth Artislands, Antonio Ogabán, rafa riudavets, Fiestapapeltijera, Andoni Silva, Jordi Martínez Suau, Fish Memory, Seint, Balcanbus, Los gatos de Bastet, Claudio Capellini... i moltíssims més! Gràcies a tots!

26 de novembre 2010

Treballant en... ¡el BangBig! Una implosió d'art, disseny i creativitat al centre de Palma

BangBig es una implosión de diseñadores y artistas que se reúnen en un mismo espacio-tiempo para desarrollar proyectos creativos.
Por ejemplo, una muestra de arte, diseño y creatividad con talleres, actuaciones y exhibición/venta de obra los días 17, 18 y 19 de diciembre.
Una gran variedad de diferentes tipos de disciplinas relacionadas con la creatividad y el arte tales como:  Fotografía, joyería, pintura, moda, complementos, ilustración, estampación, diseño gráfico, grafitis, etc.
Todo ello aderezado con talleres en directo para poder participar, vídeo proyecciones, animación infantil, dj, conciertos en las plazas, etc.

Bangbig se ubicará en el casco antiguo de Palma, Zona Sa Gerreria, en las plazas de Artesanía y Llorenç Bisbal.

Viernes 17. De 18 a 22
Sábado 18. De 10 a 22
Domingo 19. De 10 a 22

20 de novembre 2010

Finalist in the illustration award "La Punta del Llapis 2010" from the Balearic Islands!

I'm very glad of being finalist in an illustration contest, since I've started fully working on the illustration field just a few months ago, so can't complaint ^_^

We had to illustrate some paragraphs from the Eivissan traditional tale "La barseta sense tapadora" by Joan Castelló Guasch.

These are the ones I presented:

09 d’octubre 2010

Another book for children! "El dios que pintaba verduras"

Watercolor, again... ^_^ I love this technic!

(Aina Fonolleras Villegas 2010 all rights reserved, don't try to copy ;-)) )

23 d’agost 2010

My first book for children! :-D

All done with watercolor and color pencil, about what happens when a little girl discovers she's grown up and she's not young anymore...
Here some bits of it... Unfortunately, I can't say it's published yet ;-) It's been done for a contest, in a few months results will be published.

01 d’agost 2010

Journeys... selection of pictures

These are not illustrations, but few pictures from the journeys I've done in different countries. You can find the complete selection here.

As I told my friends:

" Many of you have encouraged me to show the pictures I've taken during my different journeys around the world.

I'm not a photographer, or at least I consider I don't really have photography skills. I just know how to point out and press the shutter :-) The pictures just show the world as it is...

So this selection is just for you, moments or places which have been special for me and I want to share with you. Just to enjoy the beauty that surrounds us, the magic of life.

Love for everyone! ^_^"

20 de juliol 2010

Contemplative faeries...

What do faeries do when they are not chasing butterflies or swimming in a pond?

Here I wanted to try to use a different technic, Chinese ink, and to use just black and white tonalities. Quite different from the rest of the other colorful illustrations, isn't it? :-)

06 de juliol 2010

My new website! www.ainamol.com

Visit me if you have some time... I hope you like it :-)

17 de juny 2010

Dancing with an iguana in my eyes

No, it's not a new remix from Ultravox, but a new painting! Comments, opinion and the worst reviews are welcome!

23 de gener 2010

Freelance job - Client Giorgi

Triptych sticker for the advertising campaign of a new product.