17 de setembre 2011

"Herb faeries - Stellaria"

Illustrations for a children's books project about faeries which didn't work in the end.
The illustrated faerie is Stellaria, the chickweek faerie.

Pencil, watercolor and Photoshop

New cover for Manjaria magazine!

Cover for Manjaria magazine (#September 2011 issue)
By Diario de Mallorca

Graphite, watercolor and Photoshop

"Witty W.I.T." Book cover

Cover for the novel by Indian author Urvi Shah (currently living in the US). It's the story about a sexy bussiness faerie girl, who loves cooking and something else...

Very nice project and even more the client, a pleasure to work with!

Done with Photoshop

Saibaba's portrait

It's been a while I don't post new artwork... Here a portrait about Saibaba, an Indian guru from the 60's. Done for an Indian client living in the US, watercolor.