02 de març 2011


My proposal for the second number of the digital fanzine Pandemia. The subject this time was the "essence", so the inspiration for this illustration came from the idea that we all have the same essence of life running through our veins. We are all made from the same matter, in essence we are the same and we share the same soul than, for example, a flower.

Done with color pencils, 29,7 x 21 cm.

01 de març 2011

"In Uterus"

This painting was quite difficult for me, since it only was the second time in my life I was using gouache! I was more used to watercolor, so the change was a bit like a challenge. At some stages I was getting crazy with the painting, because the colors mix very different than with watercolor, and the result wasn't appearing like I wanted... But in the end I manage to finish it, don't  I know it could be much better but it took me already several days... And I'm quite happy with the final result! :-)